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A dietary deep dive is a comprehensive analysis into the quantity and quality of your diet. Using sophisticated software we input your detailed food diary into the programme and analyse the macro and micronutrient content of your diet. We then compare your diet to guidelines for optimal intake of nutrients, specifically what we measure is:

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  • Your average calorie intake per day
  • The macronutrient proportions of your diet
  • The total amounts of protein, fats and carbs in grams
  • The type of fats eaten (saturated, mono-saturated and poly-unsaturated) and the amounts of each
  • The total amounts of omega fats and the omega-6 to omega-3 ratio
  • The total fibre consumed
  • The total amount of every vitamin and mineral consumed
  • The total amount of cholesterol eaten
  • The total amount of alcohol drank (in grams)
  • The glycaemic load (an estimate of how much the food you've eaten affects blood sugar levels)
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Reasons why you may want to do a dietary deep dive:

  • You are looking for reassurance that your diet is nutritious and balanced

  • You have recently changed your diet and are not sure if it is nutritious and balanced

  • You are eliminating certain food groups for health reasons, e.g because you have IBS, allergies or suspected food intolerances

  • You have changed your diet for ethical/environmental reasons and want reassurance that the change won't affect your health, e.g. you have cut down on meat and dairy products or become vegan or vegetarian

  • You are trying to lose weight and have reduced the amount/type of food you eat, e.g. you have reduced fats, carbs or calories in your diet

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Read through our healthy diet 101 guide below and compare whether your diet comes up to scratch!

If not then why not consider letting us do a Dietary Deep Dive?

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How it works:

  1. We ask you to fill in a short health questionnaire online and complete a 3-day food diary

  2. We analyse your food diary using our software and information in your health questionnaire

  3. We send you a comprehensive written report (within 3 working days)

Your report:

Your report includes:

  • A graphical printout of your analysis (in colour)

  • A written interpretation of your analysis, including potential health risks posed by any nutrient deficiencies/excesses identified

  • A list of potential nutrient deficiencies/interactions from medications you take

  • Personalised recommendations to improve your diet, in the context of your preferred dietary pattern (vegetarian, omnivore, vegan, pescatarian, plant-based etc)

Price of your Dietary Deep Dive:


CINNAMON DAYS - Who are we?

Cinnamon Days is a nutrition service provided by BANT registered nutritionists, Sue Wharton and Isabel Hemmings. We have a special interest in weight loss and metabolic health improvement and work with people in both group and individual settings, online and face to face. You can find out more about us by visiting our website at www.cinnamondays.co.uk or email us for more information at info@cinnamondays.co.uk. You can also subscribe to our monthly newsletter, or follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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