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If you are looking to feel fabulous, regain your health and lose some weight in time for summer then why not join our next online group low-carb weight loss programme? 

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There are numerous health benefits to be gained from this scientifically validated approach to weight loss, including: having more energy, feeling less hungry, control of appetite, less bloating, lower blood pressure, better blood sugar control, better sense of well being, more confidence....the list goes on!

Maybe you've tried numerous diets before but can't keep the weight off. Low-carb living is a complete diet and lifestyle change, something you do for life - so it has to taste good (nutritious real food meals), be easy to do (no calorie or carb counting) and keep you satisfied (no hunger pangs or food cravings). With the support of two BANT Registered Nutritionists and your peers on the programme you can achieve your dream of weight control and improved health for life! 


“Low carb is a way of life for me now thanks to Sue and Isabel. They have taught me how the food I eat affects me physically and mentally. Who would have believed that eating low carb would make a significant difference in my joint pain! I am amazed at how I am eating less but not feeling hungry and am losing weight.  Joining this programme is the best thing I have done”.  Margaret, Scotland

I found the low-carb weight-loss programme easy to adopt with the amazing support and very useful information given by Sue and Isabel. I learned a lot about how my body works and how to take better care of it. Losing weight naturally through diet and feeling healthier were brilliant outcomes. When I had the occasional carb-based treat, I felt physically awful – all the bloating and water retention returned. I’ll stick with this way of eating for life. So glad to have done this!  Rosie, Sheffield

“This programme has completely changed my relationship with food.  It has taught me the science behind the “low carb” principle and how the food I eat affects my metabolism, hormones, weight and overall wellbeing.  Soon after starting the programme I found that I had stopped feeling bloated and was not feeling hungry even though I was eating less food because of the food types I am now eating. My weight loss has been steady and continuous throughout the programme and beyond.  The dedicated Facebook group has been a great source of support and motivation and a good way to share ideas and celebrate the collective achievements of the group.” Steven, Derbyshire

"I loved the way the course was delivered. Extremely informative and helpful without being judgmental. Very supportive offering alternative suggestions where appropriate. Thank you for this opportunity." Name withheld

Your free mini consultation

If you're not sure whether a low-carb approach to weight loss is for you then take advantage of our free 30 minute, no obligation mini consultation. It is an opportunity to tell us about your weight and health concerns and find out if our programme is right for you. 

To make your appointment email us at or phone:

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