Ditch the belly fat!

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Date: Saturday 11th June
Time: 10.00am - 4.00pm
Venue: Totley Rise Methodist Church,
          Grove Road, 
          Sheffield, S17 4DJ
Cost: £49 (includes refreshments                      and  low-carb lunch)

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A 1-day introduction to low-carb eating for weight loss and improved health 
Weight Loss Without Hunger

"I’d have no hesitation recommending the low-carb diet. In 2 weeks I’ve lost 6lbs, 2 inches off my waist and seen a significant drop in my high blood pressure. I’m also less bloated and have fewer cravings. I’m eating less, but I feel fuller. It’s great, and easy to maintain as a lifestyle choice" 

Rosie, Sheffield

Many of us are carrying excess body fat on our bellies. We know that this kind of fat, also called visceral fat, is unhealthy as it causes inflammation in the body, prevents our abdominal organs from functioning properly and can lead to diabetes, heart disease and some cancers.

We know you may have tried many diets in the past with varying degrees of success and we understand that losing weight is hard, but please don't stop trying, your future health depends on it! 

That's why we help people like you using our low-carb diet approach. Many diets fail in the long-term because people find them difficult to sustain and any diet will only work in the long-term if you can stick with it forever.


This means the diet has to be simple, varied, tasty, satisfying, and most importantly - suppress hunger. No one can sustain a diet that leaves them feeling hungry all the time!


A low-carb diet achieves all of this and more - download our short e-book to find out more about how low-carb diets work

“I barely felt hungry yesterday…it’s a wonderful contrast to my carb days when sometimes, no matter how much I ate, I didn’t feel full and the cravings were voracious, ”

"Clear, concise, extremely helpful advice, non-judgemental and a revelation on the science side! I had previously found it impossible to find out why I was never losing weight on other diets, and what I could do about it."