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Dietary Deep Dive
How healthy is your diet?

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Get empowered 

Our Dietary Deep Dive service will:


  • Help you understand whether your diet is balanced and healthy for you

  • Give you confidence about making good food choices in the future

  • Empower you to improve your life and health

Cost: £60

Who can benefit from a Dietary Deep Dive?
​We know how confusing it is to navigate through all that contradictory dietary information on the internet and in countless books. 
So why don't you just cut to the chase and have your diet expertly analysed so you can make good decisions about your nutritional health?

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You could benefit from letting us analyse your diet if you fall into one of these groups:


  • You want reassurance that you are eating a well balanced diet that will keep you healthy

  • You have recently changed your diet and are not sure if it is still nutritious and balanced

  • You are eliminating certain foods like gluten or dairy for health reasons such as IBS, allergies or suspected food intolerances

  • You have changed your diet for ethical/environmental reasons and want reassurance that the change won't affect your health, for example, you have cut down on meat and dairy products or become vegan or vegetarian

  • You are trying to lose weight and have reduced the amount/type of food you eat, for example, you have reduced the fats, carbs or calories in your diet

Don't sleep walk into poor health
What to expect from your Dietary Deep Dive
  • A BANT registered Nutritionist will analyse your food diary in detail using state-of-the-art nutritional analysis software

  • The analysis will be expertly interpreted in conjunction with your health problems and health goals

  • Your personalised report will identify any potential imbalances or deficiencies in your diet and advise you on how to correct them

  • We will only recommend dietary changes that fit in with your chosen dietary pattern e.g vegan, vegetarian, omnivore, etc

What you need to do:

  1. Buy the Dietary Deep Dive package

  2. Complete and return the health questionnaire and 3-day  food diary 

  3. Receive your personalised nutrition report

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Nutrient deficiencies are on the increase in the population - get your diet checked out now!

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