Dietary Deep Dive
An exploration into the nutritional quality of your diet

Do you wonder whether your diet could be healthier, or think you might be missing out on certain nutrients because of the diet you follow?  Do you have digestive problems or are you taking medications which might deplete absorption of certain nutrients?  To be at our healthiest our diet needs to contain the full range of essential protein, fats, vitamins and minerals needed for optimal health, and our bodies need to be able to absorb them. When we’re busy and on the go, or when we exclude certain foods, or have health problems, it’s good to check that we are not missing out on key nutrients.

To help you to check how well your diet provides you with what you need to stay healthy, we offer an individualised dietary analysis service, with recommendations on changes you can make to address deficits.


We ask you to complete a three-day food diary based on your typical diet which we analyse with consideration of your age, sex, weight, height, activity levels, medications and health goals. We use a nutritional assessment tool, Nutritics, to make a detailed assessment of your diet. We then provide an evaluation in a written report as follows:


Dietary assessment

An assessment of:

  • How well your diet is providing you with the range of essential vitamins and minerals you need and whether you are getting the right quantity of these micronutrients.

  • Whether your diet contains an optimal amount of protein

  • Your omega 6 and 3 fatty acid intake and ratio

  • Potential nutritional deficiencies associated with medications taken or health issues



We will provide you will recommendations including:

  • How to address identified nutritional deficits. We primarily make recommendations to help you to address deficiencies through dietary changes and provide you with details of the types of foods you might include in your diet to address deficiencies.

  • Where it is not possible to address nutrient deficiencies through diet, we will advise you on appropriate supplements you might use to address such deficiencies.



The cost of this service including assessment and written report is £60.

If you want more information about this service or have any questions then please email us at 

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