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Rediscover Your Waistline - the low-carb way

Meet our Bant Registered Nutritionists...

Isabel Hemmings

Sue Wharton

They are passionate about helping you to lose weight and regain health the low-carb way
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Who do we help?

We help people like you. People who are struggling to lose weight, and feel they have lost control over their body and health. Perhaps you hate being photographed and are frightened of standing on the scales? Maybe you eat for comfort and often have energy slumps through the day? This may make you feel miserable and depressed because however hard you try to lose weight the pounds just keep piling back on. We expect you've tried every diet out there and made up a few yourself. You're fed up of counting calories or feeling hungry all the time. You're ready for a new solution - one that will work for a lifetime...

Our solution...

Drawing on current weight loss and nutritional science research using a low-carb approach, we work with you, individually or in small groups, to develop nutrition and lifestyle programmes that emphasise eating real wholesome food, with no calorie or carb counting, together with supportive coaching, that can lead to long term improvements in your weight and health, giving you back that control you crave.


How does low-carb eating work for weight loss and improving your metabolic health?
Watch our 38 min video which delves into the causes of obesity and the science behind low-carb eating:

Our services...

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1:1 personalised weight loss and health improvement plans:

This is ideal for people who prefer to tackle their weight loss and health improvement needs privately with their own nutritionist or for people with particularly complex needs that require a more personalised approach.

Online Group Programmes:

These 12-week programmes run several times a year . They are limited to 10-12 people to offer a more personal touch. For more information and dates of the next intake please click the button below:

Totley Low-carb support club:

This is a new service beginning in January 2022. Now that lockdown is lifted we are offering the chance to join our low-carb weight loss support club with two Bant registered nutritionists, in Totley, Sheffield. 

Dietary analysis

Find out it your current diet is providing you with all your energy and nutrient needs for good health and weight management. We will provide you with a detailed analysis, report and recommendations for improving your diet and feeling healthier.

Your free mini weight and health consultation

If you're not sure whether our personalised low-carb weight loss and health improvement plan is for you then take advantage of our free 30 minute, no obligation mini consultation. It is an opportunity to tell us about your weight and health concerns and find out if our programme is right for you. 

To make your appointment email us at or phone:

Isabel: 07979 535416


Sue: 07858 956371

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