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We help people to lose belly fat!
The Low-Carb Way

We help people like you. People who are struggling to lose weight, and feel they have lost control over their body and health. We can help you identify and meet your health goals through our nutrition and health coaching programmes. With our help you can feel fabulous in your own skin again. 

We are a team of Bant Registered Nutritionists who can work with you either individually or as part of our monthly membership support club - The Low-Carb Club. 

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Meet our Bant Registered Nutritionists...

They are passionate about helping you to lose weight and regain health the low-carb way

How does low-carb eating work for weight loss and improving your health?
Watch our 38 min video which delves into the causes of obesity and the science behind low-carb eating:

Your free mini consultation

If you're not sure whether a low-carb approach to weight loss is for you then take advantage of our free 30 minute, no obligation mini consultation. It is an opportunity to tell us about your weight and health concerns and find out if one of our programmes is right for you. 

To make your appointment email us at

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