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Webinar recordings

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Session 2 - Glucose and Insulin - the metabolic master switch

In this session we delve a bit deeper into the role insulin plays in controlling blood sugar levels and how a high sugar/carb diet can lead to excessive insulin production, eventually leading to insulin resistance and metabolic health problems such as obesity, high blood pressure, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), heart disease some cancers and the metabolic syndrome. We also get you to measure your own energy and blood sugar score and discuss possible reasons why you may have a high score and what dietary and lifestyle changes you can make to lower it.

Session 1 - Introduction to the Low-Carb Diet

In this session we introduce you to the concept of the low-carb diet and how it works for weight loss. We then cover all the practicalities of how to adopt a low-carb diet and discuss some possible side-effects you may experience in the beginning and how to cope with them. We then discuss what 'healthy' means and the importance of setting yourself specific goals, being clear on your what, why, how and when. 

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